A+ Turf Health

Premium granular and foliar products designed to provide complete turf nutrition.

Complete Turf Health Begins With A+

Studies from leading universities have shown the benefit of a baseline nutrition program utilizing a combination of granular (soil applied) and foliar nutrients to optimize overall plant and soil health.

A+ products work together to provide complete turf nutrition, both above and below the surface.


Designed to complement soil applied baseline nutrition, Foltec SG soluble granules and Foltec liquids provide complete foliar nutrition with unique combinations of NPK, secondary nutrients, micronutrients, and essential bio-enhancements.

Foltec SG is innovative foliar technology utilizing dry soluble granules that quickly solubilize in the spray tank. Essential nutrients are combined with UltraMate SG (a formulation of fulvic and humic acids exclusive to The Andersons) and sea plant extract to deliver maximum plant health benefits. 

Roots and root hairs extend through the soil and soil solution to take up plant nutrients. Applications of Nutri DG or SmartPhos DG quickly disperse into the soil and maximize nutrient contact and uptake by roots. This enhances nutrient efficiency and provides flexibility in application rates.


Turfgrass managers typically encounter both sand based/constructed growing systems and native soils. Humic DG and Black Gypsum DG are designed to improve soil structure, increase nutrient efficiency, and stimulate beneficial soil microbes.

They are also effective in reducing the negative impact of soil sodium and salts often associated with poor quality irrigation water.

Baseline Nutrition

An essential component in developing an effective nutrition plan to maintain healthy turf.


Baseline turf nutrition is considered to be a basic level of nutrition that helps the turf plant withstand the pressures of disease, insects, traffic, and stressful weather conditions. Granular nutrient applications ensure adequate levels of plant nutrition throughout the growing season.

Soil testing and plant tissue analysis are valuable tools that can be used to develop a turf nutrition plan.

Determining the correct amount and balance of nutrients is essential to turf health. Other factors to take into consideration are the turf type, the length of growing season, climatic conditions, and the amount of wear the turf is exposed to.

The timing and levels of turf nutrition depend on the type of turf being grown.

Cool Season Turf


Cool season turf generally requires a higher percentage of its nutrition to be delivered in the spring and autumn, with moderate needs during the summer months.

A Baseline Turf Nutrition Plan includes soil-based granular applications throughout the growing seasons. Foliar nutrition is then applied to complement granular baseline nutrition, especially during the summer, when turf can be under stress.