Genesis Rx 5-7-5 is an all-in-one fertility and soil amendment product for easy application in conjunction with aerification. This product is a high-quality NPK fertility blend containing secondary and minor elements and utilizing our patented Dispersing Granule (DG) Technology. This unmatched combination provides turfgrass with the nutrition needed for recovery from aerification stress, along with sustained feeding. We further value engineered this product by adding 21.5% Humic DG™ (by weight) in the bag to deliver soil microorganisms the carbon-rich food source they desire.


Genesis Rx is recommended for application following your normal aerification program. Typical application rates range from 5-20 pounds of product per 1000 ft2. Product may be broadcast applied and placed into aerification holes via drag mat or broadcast applied in conjunction with sand topdressing. For complete application instructions, consult product label.

Genesis Rx

DG Lime and DG Gypsum are premium specialty soil amendments. DG Lime provides plant-essential calcium and magnesium, while increasing soil pH. In addition to calcium, DG Gypsum also provides sulfur, which stimulates soil microbiology while reducing soil pH. Both products feature Dispersing Granule Technology, which ensures quick breakdown of the granules with no residual left behind for potential mower pickup.

DG Lime and DG Gypsum are recommended for application after aerification as a top-dress treatment. Typical application rates range from 25-40 lbs. per 1000 ft2, and can be mixed directly in with sand for easy application. For complete application instructions, consult product labels.

DG Gypsum

DG Lime